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Awnings leave great impressions on your potential customer. They not only provide shade, signage for your business and homes but also create an appealing appearance. Awnings are an essential part of your investment and regular cleaning will maintain their beauty as well as significantly extend the lifespan of the fabric or vinyl.

Studies show that awnings are the top-rated means for attracting potential customers for any business. They are one of the most powerful means to form a great first impression, especially if they remain virtually attractive. Study through different statistics have shown that most of the customers will first judge a business from the outer appearance. So it plays a significant role to attract potential customers.


All surfaces are pre-treated with cleaners and algaecides inside and out to improve the level of cleanliness by killing all sorts of mildew spores present on the surfaces.

The undersides, grates or mesh are soaped and rinsed properly to remove bugs, webs, dirt, and debris.

Awnings are pressure washed with manufacturer-approved cleaners, then sealed with approved vinyl or fabric sealers, depending upon the surface being cleaned. Our awning services and products are pretested to determine the compatibility of the material and surface of awnings or canopies.

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There is nothing more difficult than choosing the right company that provides effective awning cleaning services in Dallas, Texas. You might have heard or seen all the ads and commercials which make it even more confusing. We are an ethical company built on strong work ethics and values. We have provided high-quality awning cleaning services in the Dallas area.

It becomes difficult to choose when you have so many options available. Our exclusive hot water extraction and pressure washing awning cleaning method, using truck-mounted equipment with certified technicians, and powerful cleaning agents make it the most effective and thorough awning cleaning method in the industry using 100% organic natural and eco-friendly products.

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Dallas Pressure Washers indeed cares exclusive process begins with an all-natural, hypoallergenic safe and green pre-spray being applied to the awning surface that begins to emulsify and break up the dirt and soils.

Our company’s awning cleaning services have been highly admired by the clients. We are dedicated to helping create a good impression by cleaning out awnings with appropriate methods suiting the material of the surface.

We provide both commercial and residential awnings cleaning in Dallas, Texas. Our talented professionals carefully observe and clean awnings on multiple story buildings, the ground level properties, and even interior spaces. Sealing creates a protective barrier against contaminants, and offers UV protection to reduce sun damage.

There are many benefits to having an awning besides creating a sharper image for your building. Awnings are also a great source of comfort from the sun and rain and can protect customers’ inventories from UV damage and fading and can reduce air conditioning dramatically.

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