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Dallas Pressure Washers is a leading company in Texas when it comes to roof cleaning. Our professionals use soft wash roof cleaning methods that eliminate mold, dirt, mildew, and fungus. Our chemical processes will clean roofs without using heavy pressure and ensure the highest level of safety precautions on your property.

We offer soft wash roof cleaning for asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and flat and barre tile roofs. 


The ugly, dark stains residing on roofs are generally caused by “blue-green” algae, Gloeocapsa Magma which starts from the shaded areas of the roof causing moisture in the algae to accelerate further growth and roof stains get worse over time. The carriers of algae spores are wind, birds, and squirrels.

Many homeowners have spent thousands of dollars to replace their roofs which could be restored to a like-new finish for a much lower cost.

Your roof can be damaged from being left dirty for a long time. Algae, mold, and mildew can cause decay and rot under the roof as well.


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Our team of experts will remove nasty, dark algae stains, to restore its original appearance. There are many roof cleaning benefits:

Washing your roof will extend your roof life and it will avoid future health issues and unnecessary roof repairs.

When you are planning to sell your home, a stained roof will certainly affect the value of the property dramatically. A new roof can also be costly. Therefore, getting it regularly cleaned from professionals will save thousands of dollars. It will be easier for you to sell your property at any time.

Fungus and algae on top of a roof keep the temperature under a roof higher by preventing the reflective granules from doing their job. By cleaning your roof, you are saving a lot energy. 


Dallas Pressure Washers are the industry leaders in soft wash roof cleaning across the country. We will serve you beyond your expectations. Our educated and fully trained technicians have knowledge and experience in the correct process of soft wash and high-pressure wash cleanings. 


Our company has maintained the trust of our clients due to the high quality of our services since the beginning. We are not only committed to providing exceptional roof cleaning services but also to be an environmentally friendly company as well. All of our solutions and chemicals are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Our services are dependable and of first-rate quality. Estimates, of course, are always FREE. Give us a call today 214-241-4047.